Behind the Handlebars Host Tony "Pan" Sanfelipo shows how to go through the TCLOCK pre-ride inspection.

Tony Pan 00:03: “Tony Pan here from Hupy and Abraham Behind The Handlebars series on maintaining your bike today. We're going to do something called T clocks, which is an inspection of your motorcycle before you start riding. We want to go over certain things on the bike to make sure there have been maintained, they're in good working order and your bike is safe. If you want a good guide we have this writer resource kit, if you visit us at the many events that we're at throughout the summer this asks for your read a resource kit and it's got some helpful tip tips in here besides having the key clock checklist. You can do this on your own when you set your checklist on key clocks. T stands for tires, I mean everything associated what the tires are looking at the general appearance of your tire is looking for cracks and rot dry rot if you've got good tread in there I'll make sure your tread is good. When I check brake pads, check your brakes to make sure your brakes are able to hold the bike separately. Front brake and rear brake independently pulling the bike on its own on from creeping you want to check your rotors. You want to check your pressure. I got my handy watch for motorcycle Hupy and Abraham tire pressure gauge and I'm going to check the pressure on the front tire and so 40 pounds that's a recommended pressure for this particular tire and bike always check with the manufacturer of your tire to make sure you know what your hold PSI or pounds per square inch rating is for your particular tire. Front back C on the key clocks list stands for controls which is your brake controls. Your clutch controls your lever levers cables going to make sure that they move freely there's no hanging up on them and when make sure the bridge numbers are working completely. If you can have access to looking at your cables you want to make sure there's no phrasing your cables and the general condition of all your level levers. I'll even check my brake lever under controls make sure all the things that are controlling different aspects of my motorcycle are in good working order. The L on your key clocks list stands for lights and I like to include with lights also the battery. I check the battery terminals, clean them up to make sure I got good connections. Might even take the connections off and while you're brushing or something and get them clean again. Make sure there's no corrosion on there and then I'm going to check all the lights ahead like all the reflective lenses. Make sure there are no cracks on your lenses make sure your directional signals work and also check the brake lights. We're on letter O now and key o'clock and it all stands for oils and fluids so we're going to check our oil levels and want to check the level and the quality of the oil in the primary case and we also want to check the transmission fluid. Seeing our key clocks checklist stands for chassis which is your motorcycle frame and everything it holds all the parts together here. When we're checking the chassis we're checking for rust cracks any kind of problems we had weather with our chassis but we're also checking part of the chassis with fasteners making sure all our nuts and bolts are tight and we went by also at this point we want to check the tension on the belt drive or the belt or the chain drive depending if the other chain or a belt for the rear stripe and you can go inside of this cover here and check your primary chain there's a chain that runs in here check that for tightness. Also, the last letter on our key clocks checklist is K or you might see other publications as s, either way, it stands for kickstand or side stands and what you want to do there you want to check you're fixed and make sure it's not bent to make sure it's a good shape. You want to check to make sure your spring is intact and it's got tension on it otherwise this kickstand is your ride is going to come down by itself and that could cause a big problem for you. So you're checking your kickstand making sure that the spring of sight there's no bends, if you have a center stand the same thing you're checking your Center stand on your bike to make sure there's no bends or dents in it and that is holding your bike up in the upright position without any problem. If you're getting ready to go out for that first right of the season before you even start that motorcycle up do your key o'clock inspection check all your lights make sure everything's working your current singles are working make sure your tires and brakes are in good working order you have proper pressure I check your oils and your fluids your cables for tension and smoothness of operation and you want to check all your fasteners make sure nothing still loose during last year's riding season you do a simple key o'clock instruction before you take that first ride and you'll be safe this summer.”