cloversSt. Patrick’s Day, the observance of Irish heritage and a celebration of green beer and whiskey, is quickly approaching. While the holiday falls on March 17, some people celebrate days before and after that date.

The personal injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham hope that while celebrating your Irish roots and traditions, you also remember to stay safe. Take a moment to read the following tips for a safer St. Patrick’s Day.

1. Don’t drink and drive. It seems obvious, but St. Patrick’s Day is a statistically dangerous day when it comes to the number of reported drunk driving accidents. While you may feel that you’re sober enough to drive, a Breathalyzer test may determine otherwise. Check with your municipality to see what public transportation options are available because many cities offer ride options on holidays like St. Patrick’s. Or just designate a sober driver. 

2. Watch for intoxicated pedestrians. Even if you’re not drinking, remember that St. Patrick’s Day is a day when people like to take to the streets for festivals, parades and bar crawls. Intoxicated patrons sometimes stumble onto main roads or fail to use a crosswalk – so be vigilant of those around you.

3. Stay alert at the parade. Dozens of cities like Milwaukee host a St. Patrick’s Day parade each year with thousands of spectators and participants. Parades often take place on public roadways, so it is important while driving to keep an eye out for floats, people walking in the procession and children who may dart out for candy or other thrown items.

4. Eat and stay hydrated. You likely have to get back to work Wednesday morning, and it will be significantly easier to do so without a hangover or trip to the emergency room. Overindulgence sends dozens of people to the hospital with alcohol poisoning each year. Proper hydration and food will keep you clearheaded and soak up all that alcohol.

5. Remain cautious if you drive. While you may be driving safely, it doesn’t necessarily mean that other drivers are as well. Be wary of drivers who seem to swerve or make delayed decisions on the road, and give them plenty of room.

Alcohol consumption is synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day, and there is nothing wrong with that! The only issue stems from the misfortune that sometimes comes with it. The attorneys at Hupy and Abraham hope that with these tips on your mind, you have a safe St. Patrick’s Day, and implore you to please never drink and drive.

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