A Green Bay car accident disrupts your life.
Instead of working, you're recovering from injuries and going to doctor’s appointments.

Instead of spending time with family and friends, you're dealing with insurance agents and car repairs.

You may not have appreciated the routine of your life before an accident, but the pain of a Wisconsin car crash injury makes you long to get back to normal. What you do immediately after will help determine how quickly you can get your life back on track. The Green Bay car accident lawyers at Hupy and Abraham, S.C. suggest these steps.

8 Steps To Take After an Injury due to a Car Accident

1. Remain calm.

Yes, you have been injured, but panicking won’t help - take a deep breath. Avoiding stress will help you recover faster and also help keep the facts straight when talking to the police or to the insurance company. This will save you time later.

2. File a police report. 

You should call the police after any Wisconsin car crash, but this is especially important if you are injured. The police officer who responds to the accident will fill out an accident report; he may even determine who is at fault for the accident. Ask the officer how you can get a copy of the report, since your insurance company may require police documentation of the crash before they pay a settlement. 

3. Call your insurance company.

As soon as you are able to, call the insurance company. The number will be on the insurance card that you keep in your glove box. Give the agent the facts:
The time and location of the accident
The name of the other driver and their contact information
Whether anyone involved was injured.

Do not discuss the damage to your car or the extent of your injuries because you may not have all the information at this time.

4. Keep records.

Get a folder for all your accident-related papers, including:
Medical records
Doctor bills
Car repair information
The police report

As soon as possible, write down everything you can remember about what happened. You will need to tell the police, lawyers, the insurance company and, possibly, a jury what happened. As time passes, it may be hard to remember all details.

You will also want to record the following information:

  • The other driver’s name, address, and phone number
  • The make, model, and license plate number of the other vehicle
  • The other driver’s insurance company and his policy number
  • The name of the police officer who came to the scene
  • The accident report number
  • The name of any insurance agents that you speak with and the date and time of the conversation

5. See a doctor.

It is important to see a doctor as soon as possible after a Green Bay car wreck. While many soft tissue injuries don’t present symptoms at first, delaying care can lead to chronic pain. In addition, having a medical record will help you document your injuries for your insurance claim. 

6. Get your car fixed.

Many insurance companies have time limits for getting your vehicle repaired after a Wisconsin car crash. Check with your insurance agent about the proper procedure for getting your car repaired and ask if they can recommend any repair shops in your neighborhood.

7. Learn about your rights.

Did you know that you can get compensation for your lost wages? Learn about all your rights in a free copy of Hupy and Abraham's book, The Ultimate Guide For Automobile Accident Victims.

8. Contact a Green Bay car accident lawyer.

People injured in car accidents who hire attorneys receive average settlements 3½ times larger than those who negotiate with insurance companies on their own. The experienced Wisconsin attorneys at Hupy and Abraham can deal with insurance companies on your behalf.


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