A group of motorcyclists go on a group ride during the spring season.

Now that spring has arrived, weather is warming up and the roads are less slick. With the coming of the season, riders are getting their motorcycles out of storage and back on the road. If you’re a rider, you’re probably excited to get your bike back on the road, but if it has been sitting for a while, don’t rush back to riding just yet.  You’ll need to check over your bike to make sure everything is safe and ready for riding. Using the acronym T-CLOCK is an easy way for riders to remember what to inspect on their bikes. T-CLOCK will help make sure all the components on your motorcycle are good to go before your very first ride of the season.

With T-CLOCK, each letter stands for different motorcycle components. Complete the checklist below and your bike should be good to go for riding season.

T = Tires – Check that your tires are in good condition. Tires need to have the correct air pressure and tread depth. Wheels should have no dents, cracks or bent spokes. Your brakes shouldn’t have too much wear and should be replaced if necessary.

C = Controls – Inspect levers and pedals including brake lever and clutch. All cables should have good tight connections, no kinks or damage. All cable and other mounts should be tight. All the hoses on the motorcycle should be free of cuts, cracks, bulges and leaks. Make sure the cables are positioned so they don’t interfere with the steering of your bike. The throttle should move freely and snap closed without resistance or stoppage.

L = Lights and Electrical – Your bike’s headlight high and low beams need to both be in working condition. It’s also important to check that the headlight is aimed correctly. The bike’s taillights should activate when both the front and rear brakes are hit. All turn signals should operate correctly on both ends of the bike. Make sure all cables are properly connected and that your battery is ready to go and free of any corrosion or damage.

O = Oils – Check all fluid levels on the bike including the oil, coolant and brake fluids. If the oil hasn’t been changed recently, change it. It’s always a good idea to change your oil before putting your bike in storage so you don’t have to worry about it when it’s time to ride. Make sure that there are no leaking fluids anywhere on your bike.

C = Chassis and Chain – Look over the entire frame of the motorcycle, making sure it is free of cracks, bends or any other serious damage. All brackets and mounts should be tight and secure. Your motorcycle’s chain should have proper tension and be lubed. Handlebars should be straight and secure. The front forks on the bike should be straight and damage free.

K = Kickstand – Your motorcycle’s kickstand should not be bent and should hold up your motorcycle with stability, making sure the bike stands up correctly. Check that the kickstand stays up in place while riding the motorcycle and doesn’t hang down, causing a hazard.

T-CLOCK will help you recognize any motorcycle issues before you get on the road for that first spring ride. It’s absolutely necessary to go over your bike before you take your first ride of the season, but it’s also a good idea to go over this checklist before every ride.

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Our video series, “Behind the Handlebars,” has a quick video that shows each step of T-CLOCK, which you can view here.

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