Road Guardians is a non-profit organization who strives to promote lifelong learning for riders.  Their mission is to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists through First Response Education.  Their website has many excellent resources for riders.  These resources include ways to improve riding skills, links to safety education services by state and legal resources.  Please use the links below as a basic guide to the Road Guardians website. 

Safety Resources- This page will help you find classes and other educational resources in your area.  Just click on your state to find a class or course near you.  Safety resources for Wisconsin include ABATE of Wisconsin and Wisconsin DOT's Rider Education program.

Legal Resources- Personal injury firms listed as a legal resource by Road Guardians have to qualify for the partnership.  In order to become a partner with Road Guardians a law firm must:

  • Be recommended by a rider.
  • Be researched and judged using a six point system that includes ethics and peer ratings.
  • Be contacted by Road Guardians for a possible partnership.

The law firm of Hupy & Abraham is a proud partner of Road Guardians.  We have the distinction of being the only personal injury law firm listed in both Illinois and Wisconsin.

Rider Owned Businesses- In order to help support fellow riders, Road Guardians maintains an extensive list of rider-owned businesses across the nation.  Examples in Wisconsin include Kerkmans Splitends in Burlington and Real Leather in Appleton.

Events- Events can be accessed by clicking on your state.  Upcoming events in Wisconsin include the Giant Motorcycle Swap Meet in Milwaukee and the Wisconsin State HOG' Rally in Multiple.

News- This area covers not just Road Guardians news but racing, rider and manufacturer news as well.

Members- Members are required to complete an Accident Scene Management, Inc (ASMI) accredited Bystander Assistance Class.  This class is intended to teach what to do in the event of a motorcycle crash.  Member benefits include group riding education, discounts to over 1000 vendors and ride planners with upload to GPS.


The staff and attorneys at Hupy and Abraham hope that this information is useful to you as a rider.  Hupy & Abraham understands motorcyclists.  The reason?  Many of our staff members and attorneys ride.  Because of this, we have a real passion for helping riders recover physically and financially after an accident.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Milwaukee, Appleton, or anywhere in Wisconsin, Iowa, or Illinois, please contact your experienced motorcycle accident attorney at Hupy and Abraham today for your free consultation.  To our clients we are more than lawyers; we are fierce defenders of riders' rights.