Best Way to Dress for a Fall Motorcycle Ride

As we enter the fall season, many riders put their bikes in storage until spring. Some of us plan on riding year-round, no matter what the weather is like. If you’re going to keep your bike on the road during the colder months, it’s important to be prepared and wear the correct gear to avoid injury from the cold.

The first thing you should think about as you’re dressing for a ride is insulation. The more insulation you have, the better protection from the cold you’ll have. Wearing multiple layers of clothing is always a good idea. Your first layer should be a moisture-wicking piece of clothing to help your skin to stay dry. Follow up with a middle layer, which will act as the main insulation of your outfit. Many riders choose a sweatshirt or flannel for this layer. Finally, your outer layer of clothing should be waterproof. If any of your underlayers get wet, you’ll freeze quickly. It’s a good idea for your outer layer to have insulation as well.

With sudden temperature drops or cold rain, the fall weather can surprise you. It’s always important to pack rain gear, even if you don’t plan on riding through rain or snow. You can freeze quickly if any of your underlayers get wet. Wearing waterproof pants and boots will help protect you and keep you warm. Gloves and a neck warmer will keep you comfortable and help you avoid dangerous problems like frostbite. If you wear a helmet, a full-faced helmet is going to give you the most protection from the chilly wind and other elements. Without a helmet, you’re going to be more exposed, so it’s best to have a hat, eye protection and a face covering.

You may look a little bulky after you’re completely dressed for your ride, but your safety should come before your looks. With proper clothing, you can get on the road and enjoy the beautiful fall sights without worrying about the cold.

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