Motorcycle Hand Signals And What They Mean

Ever see a motorcycle rider in front of you form a hand sign and not know what it means? Don't worry, you're not alone. Motorcyclists have an entire language of hand signs they form while on the road. These hand signs help communicate information effectively and quickly to other riders and individuals who are riding in cars. While forming hand signs to communicate effectively isn't as prevalent nowadays, mainly due to Bluetooth technology. A large population of riders still rely on hand signals to communicate with other individuals on the road. Below you with find an infographic of all the hand signs and what they mean.

Motorcycle hand signals infographicMemorizing these graphics will help you and others on the road better understand a rider's hand sign if the moment occurs. Having a Bluetooth system at your disposal is also another option and a safer alternative since you can communicate without the need to move your hands. For more resources on motorcycle information, visit and Behind the Handlebars for event videos at

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