Are Your Tires Feeling Depressed? Pump Them Up!

Tires need some tender loving care. You do not want them to fail you - not when you are traveling 65 miles an hour in the left lane. They only want you to recognize how important they are. They don't like to be ignored and never looked at.

How important are your tires?

Tires keep you on your intended path. On a wet road surface or in a curve, good tires will keep your vehicle on track. When you slam the brakes, good tires makes you stop, whereas worn out tires will make you slide and crash. Wheels at 65 mph spin around 12 times per second! Imagine how resistant your tires must be to withstand such harsh treatment.

Isn't it worth checking your tires for wear and damage once in a while, especially before a long trip? If your tires are underinflated, how is your fully-loaded, top-heavy car going to react in a sharp curve? Yes, your tires are very important.

Have a look at your tires once a month, or before any long trip.

A few facts from AAA

  • AAA responded to 3.75 million assistance calls in 2010 for tire-related problems.
  • Based on experience of previous years, AAA expects 1.2 million calls due to flat tires in the summer travel season that has just begun.
  • Of all vehicles inspected by AAA technicians, 21% did not have adequate tire pressure and 19% did not have adequate tread depth.
  • Tires are by far the easiest issue for mechanically challenged motorists, yet AAA Car Care inspections last October found that most problems were related to tires.
  • 85% of Americans do not know how to properly inflate their tires.
    • Properly inflated tires can improve fuel economy by up to 3%.
    • Underinflated tires generate heat inside the tire (because of a large contact surface with the road pavement), which causes damage and can lead to failure.
  • The recommended pressure of front and rear tires may differ.

The personal injury attorneys at Hupy and Abraham take your safety seriously. In a following article, we will describe precisely what you should do to check, service and repair or replace your tires and keep your car in a top traveling condition at all times.

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