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There are almost limitless examples of driver behavior that can cause a dangerous auto accident. Any time a driver is negligent, a crash may occur. However, we see some types of traffic safety issues and violations more often than others in our Milwaukee office.

Five Common Causes of Milwaukee Car Crashes

Some of the most common causes of Milwaukee car crashes include:

Distracted Driving

A driver is distracted whenever their hands leave the steering wheel, eyes leave the road, or mind wanders from driving safely. Texting and using a cell phone while driving are common examples of distracted driving. Other examples of distracted driving include but are not limited to talking with passengers, changing music, daydreaming, eating, drinking, reaching for something, adjusting the temperature in the car, and using GPS.

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive drivers may be impatient or rude. Whether they are in a rush or having a bad day, their actions can put you at risk if you are traveling near them on a Milwaukee road. Aggressive drivers often tailgate, weave in and out of traffic, and ignore traffic signals.

Drunk or Impaired Driving

Drunk driving is illegal in Milwaukee, throughout Wisconsin, and across the nation. Drivers under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or some prescription medications may have impaired judgment and reflexes and cause catastrophic crashes.


Drivers can speed in two ways. A driver may exceed the posted speed limit or drive too fast for road or weather conditions. Either way, the speeding driver puts everyone else on the road at risk of suffering serious car accident injuries.

Inexperienced Driving

Teen drivers and other new drivers may lack the necessary experience to avoid car crashes, and they may take more risks than more experienced drivers. While graduated license laws decrease risks for new drivers between the ages of 16 and 18, they do not eliminate the risks for this age group or address the risks presented by older novice drivers.

Other potential causes of Milwaukee crashes include tired drivers, older drivers, and complicated roadways.

You may not know the cause of your crash immediately after your collision. That’s okay. You don’t need to know why the crash happened while you are still at the accident scene, but you do need to know what to do next to protect your fair recovery.

Milwaukee car accident lawyerHow to Find Out What Caused Your Milwaukee Car Accident

Immediately after your crash, you may:

  • Call the police who will do an investigation and issue an accident report
  • Take photos of the crash scene, all of the vehicles involved in the crash, and your injuries
  • Write down anything you remember that happened that could be relevant to the accident
  • Record the names and contact information for everyone involved in the crash and all eyewitnesses

Together, this information may help prove what caused the accident. The investigation will continue after you leave the accident scene. Your Milwaukee car accident lawyer will use discovery tools such as interrogatories, depositions, and requests for the production of documents to find out what caused your crash, identify the right defendants, and pursue your fair recovery. While your lawyer concentrates on protecting your legal rights, you can continue getting the medical care you need and concentrating on your physical recovery.

Insurance companies know that we mean business and that we will fight for your fair recovery of past and future medical costs, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, physical pain, and emotional suffering. If the insurance company is unwilling to settle your case fairly, we won’t hesitate to go to court to protect your rights.

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