If you are unable to stop your motorcycle in time, fall from the bike, hit an obstacle or slide on the pavement, what happens during the next few minutes can be crucial to your chances of recovering from the crash.

Whether you are the victim or need to help a buddy who just crashed, your ability to control your emotions and act rationally has a major impact on the outcome of a serious motorcycle accident.

What should you do?

Look at the priorities. Is the victim on the roadway, over the crest of a hill and likely to get hit by traffic? Is gasoline leaking? Can you stop traffic and ask for help?

Look at the injuries. Many motorcycle crashes result in broken bones, road rash and concussions. Call 911 immediately, giving them a clear account of the injuries and your position. Do not remove the helmet if the victim is injured and unconscious. Don't forget that some injuries, especially concussions or internal bleeding, appear at a later stage but should be treated without delay.

Collect information. Witnesses do not like to hang around bike accidents. Get their identification so you can contact them later. Make a note of the other driver's statements, vehicle, license plate, insurance policy, address and phone number.

Police report. Make sure you get a copy of the police report, which can be essential to proving fault.

Do not make any statements. Do not agree to anything at the scene of the crash, and if you are later contacted by the insurance company, avoid making any verbal or written statement about the circumstances of the crash, your injuries and other damage. You should only do this after all the consequences of the crash are known and confirmed.

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