Hupy and Abraham employees at Legal Aid Luncheon

The Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee held its anniversary luncheon at the Italian Community Center on September 12, 2019. Hupy and Abraham has been a longtime associate for the legal nonprofit and has given support in a variety of ways. The firm was a table sponsor for this particular event. Attorneys Thomas Perlberg and Todd Korb were among the firm’s attendees.

Founded in 1916, the Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee has dedicated itself as one of the oldest legal non-profit law firms in the state, as well as the nation. Legal Aid provides free legal assistance to residents with civil legal problems.

A number of local dignitaries were present and gave a few remarks. The Honorable Maxine Aldridge White, chief judge of Milwaukee County, pointed out the amount of change that has occurred during her lifetime in the name of equal justice for the marginalized, and how much more there is to go.

A video package was shown, illustrating the good work the organization does for the community. One story/case of which is still pending, is due to falsifying a citizen’s arrest record.

Three community leaders were presented with Equal Justice Medals for their efforts at helping the marginalized and minorities feel lifted and heard. The award honors individuals who have made exemplary contributions toward Legal Aid Society’s mission of equal justice for all.

Finally, Milwaukee Bucks president Peter Feigin gave a keynote discussing the privilege he grew up with, and the importance of not turning the other cheek in the name of standing up for others. He stated that people in positions of power and influence should use their roles toward promoting equal justice for all.

Milwaukee citizens have been assisted with organizations like the Legal Aid Society for over 100 years, and their importance and demand show little indication of deterring in the future. Hupy and Abraham is proud to support an organization that continues to do well by doing good for this community.

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