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What Green Bay Motorcyclists Need to Know About Truck Blind Spots

Have you ever ridden near an 18-wheeler? Driving near a large truck is very dangerous for motorcyclists. If there were to be an accident, the motorcyclist would almost certainly suffer serious injury.

It is natural that motorcyclists would be cautious when riding near large trucks. And truckers, like other drivers, have a duty to watch for motorcyclists. But Wisconsin motorcycle-truck accidents still happen. A major reason is truck blind spots.

Tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks have large blind spots on both sides and in the front and back of the vehicle.

These are areas where a truck driver cannot easily see a motorcyclist.

  • Front blind spot: The front blind spot is directly in front of the truck. It is caused by the truck’s engine and may extend 10 to 20 feet in front of the truck, depending on the truck’s design. The biggest danger for motorcyclist in front of a truck is sudden stops. A motorcyclist is able to stop quickly; a truck is not. If a motorcyclist has to stop because of a crash or an obstacle in the road, he could be run over by the truck.
  • Side blind spots: There are significant blind spots on each side of the truck. The driver side blind spot extends from the right front corner of the truck to slightly behind the cab door and extends one lane beside the truck. The other blind spot extends from the driver’s door and out to the side as far as 100 to 200 feet behind the truck. This blind spot reaches across two lanes of traffic.
  • Rear blind spots: Truck drivers cannot see vehicles that are directly behind their trucks. You might be surprised to learn that a large truck's blind spot for motorcycles can be as much as 200 feet.

A truck’s blind spots are called "no-zones." It isn’t always possible, but try to avoid riding in a truck’s blind spot. If you have to ride in a blind spot, use caution and ride defensively. Give the truck plenty of space. Get out of the blind spot as soon as you are able to.

Remember, trucks make wide turns, so be careful at intersections.

Truckers should adjust their mirrors to minimize blind spots. They should visually check the blind spots before changing lanes and should be aware that there may be a motorcyclist in their blind spot. Truckers should avoid backing up whenever possible.

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Jason F. Abraham
Managing Partner, Hupy and Abraham

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