Follow these steps in the event you are attacked by a dog in Cedar Rapids: 

You were injured in a dog attack that happened in Cedar Rapids. Your first step is to get medical attention for your injuries. Your next step is to report the dog bite. You can reach Cedar Rapids Animal Control at (319) 286-5993. Contact our Cedar Rapids dog bite lawyers to discuss your case. 

An animal control officer will be assigned to your case. The officer’s first task is to determine if the dog has a current rabies vaccination. If not, the animal will need to be vaccinated as soon as possible. Additionally, you will need to be tested and possibly treated for rabies. Once the animal control officer has determined whether there is a rabies risk, he will begin an investigation into the cause of the dog attack. He will talk to you and to the dog owner in order to determine if the dog bite was provoked. He will use this information to decide if the dog is dangerous or potentially dangerous.

If you were entering the dog owner’s home or fenced-in yard without permission, the dog attack will probably be considered a provoked attack. If you were an invited guest or if the attack occurred on public property, the dog will probably be declared dangerous or potentially dangerous. The determination will be based on the circumstances of the attack and the severity of your injuries. A dog is potentially dangerous if it behaves in a threatening manner or causes a minor injury. If a dog is deemed potentially dangerous, the owner will be warned of the dog’s status. Animal Control may require that the dog be kept in a secure enclosure and muzzled when not on the owner’s property. Animal Control may also require the dog to be neutered.

A dog is dangerous if a dog bite causes serious injury or if the dog attacks after being declared potentially dangerous. If a dog is determined to be dangerous, it will be held at a Cedar Rapids Animal Control facility until there is a court hearing. If found guilty, the dog will be euthanized. Dangerous dogs are not allowed within Cedar Rapids city limits. 

Reporting a Cedar Rapids dog bite helps prevent future injuries, but it doesn’t pay dog bite-related medical bills or compensate the victim for his injuries. A dog bite claim can help you get monetary compensation for your medical expenses, plastic surgery, lost wages, permanent scarring and pain and suffering. To discuss your Iowa dog bite claim, contact the experienced personal injury lawyers in Cedar Rapids at Hupy and Abraham by calling 888-807-2752. The consultation is free and all cases are taken on a contingency basis.

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