Driving in Illinois is a necessity for most people with young children. Vehicles are used to take children to dance, sports practice, gym, birthday parties, play dates, and many other activities kids enjoy. A lot of time is spent driving vehicles with our loved ones. In fact, it is not uncommon for the average person to spend two hours per day in her vehicle.

If you have young ones, you know how distracting they can be while you are trying to drive. This is part of the reason why distracted drivers are the number one cause for Gurnee car wrecks. To help keep yourself and others safe on the road, it is important to know how to stay distracted free from kids. Some things you can do to help stay focused are:

  • Prepare snacks. A lot of times kids become unruly and anxious when they get hungry. Yelling and asking for food can be distracting. It is a good idea to prepare them food in advance and place it in a spot that is easily accessible to them.
  • Entertainment. Providing children with entertainment can be a good way to keep them occupied instead of partaking in activities that could possibly distract the driver. Modern technology has made available many options for entertaining. Consider using portable DVD players, laptops or handheld devices. Be sure to get the electronics prepared before starting on your journey. It is dangerous for the driver to use electronic devices while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Travel at rest time. Sitting in a car can become very tedious and fatiguing for a child. If you travel during times when the child is usually out playing or using energy, he will most likely have the same energy in the vehicle. Try to travel at times when you know the child will be resting or sleeping. Driving a vehicle full of sleeping kids is very peaceful and will allow you to focus on the road.

Although accidents do happen, driving with your children can be an enjoyable and accident-free experience. If you have been injured contact a Gurnee car crash attorney at Hupy and Abraham for a free case evaluation. Call 800-800-5678 today and request a free copy of our Accident Assistance Guide: Keep this in your glove box!



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