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There’s no doubt that the easiest way to get from one place to the next is to ride your motorcycle. But when that isn’t possible, you use a trailer. Hupy and Abraham wants to ensure that you and your bike make it to your destination safely.


Here are some tips for safely securing and pulling a motorcycle trailer.


When getting the bike on the trailer, ask for assistance pushing it up the ramp. Pushing it up the ramp is the best way, but if you don’t have someone to help push it, you can ride it up as well. Ride the motorcycle up the ramp slowly and in low gear.


Now that your bike is on the trailer, you need to secure it. First, put the kickstand up to stabilize the bike. If you are worried about protecting your bike from the elements, put a tarp over it. For tying it down, you should aim for four points for the most secure hold. You should have two points in the front and two points in the back of the trailer, going over the bike and making an “X.” The straps should be tight, and the bike should be standing up straight.


The best way to make sure the motorcycle is stable before going on a long drive is to go around the block first. Once you are confident that the bike is stable, you are ready to go. Make sure to be extra cautious while driving. Pulling a trailer adds additional weight to the vehicle and you might not be used to driving with one.


Watch for Motorcycles

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