As a person who loves his or her pet, you would like do anything in your power to keep your dog or cat safe. Your dog is not allowed outside without a leash. Your cat always has a clean litter box. You pay attention to their diets and regularly visit the vet.

Yet, every time you get in the car to take your pet to the vet (or anywhere else) you wonder whether you are keeping your pet safe enough in the car. Car pet safety is not just about the safety of your pet; it is also about your safety. According to AAA, unrestrained pets cause about 30,000 traffic accidents a year in the United States.

Driving with a Pet in the Car

If you drive with your pet in the car, AAA recommends the following strategies to avoid a distracted driving accident caused by pets:

  • Keep your pet confined in a carrier or harnessed to the back seat. This will prevent the pet from coming into the front seat or being thrown if you stop short.
  • Do not allow your dog to put his or her head out an open window. Debris could get in your pet’s eye, causing your dog pain and distracting you from driving safely.
  • Take your pet to fun places, not just the veterinarian. If your pet has good associations with car trips, then your pet may be calmer in the car.
  • It is also important to take other actions that you think might keep your pet safe, such as traveling with a favorite blanket or toy.

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