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The price of fuel has been steadily increasing and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. This recent raise in fuel prices has some people trying to make their fuel last. Bad driving isn’t just unsafe, but expensive as well. Here are some fuel-saving driving tips that can hopefully make your fuel last longer and save you money this summer.

7 Fuel-Saving Driving Tips to Try This Summer

Slow Down

Driving the speed limit is not only safer, but also more fuel-efficient for your vehicle. Instead of going    5-10 miles per hour over the limit, stick to the speed limit. Each vehicle has a different optimal fuel economy speed, but in most vehicles, it decreases at higher speeds. When you obey the speed limit, you are saving money and keeping yourself safe.

Air Out the Car

Using the air conditioning in the summer can use more fuel than you may like. Before driving on a hot day, open your doors and air out your car, if possible. When the air outside is not too hot, drive with the windows down to let out excess heat and cool down your vehicle.

Drive Safely           

Aggressive driving can waste a lot more fuel than you may think. Speeding, rapid acceleration and braking can lower your gas milage a significant amount. Instead of hitting the gas when taking off from red lights and stop signs, accelerate gently to save fuel. Cruise control is also another great tool to help you maintain a constant speed and drive safer.

Shed Extra Weight

Having extra weight in your car may be costing you more per trip. Having those extra pounds is reducing your fuel economy. Unloading your car when you get home or taking off your roof rack can give you the most fuel-efficient savings.

Fuel Up in the Morning

Only buy or fuel up your car in the morning when the temperature is colder. When a fuel tank is warm, it expands causing you to not get as much per gallon as you would when it is cold. Fuel storage tanks are stored below ground and when the ground is cold, the tanks will be cold.

Fuel Slowly

When looking at a fuel handle, you will notice that there are three different settings for how fast you can fuel. You should be pumping your fuel on the lowest setting possible to minimize vapors. The faster you are fueling will increase the number of vapors in your tank, lessening the amount of fuel you can put into your tank.

Keep Up with Routine Maintenance

For your car to run properly, it is important to keep up with routine maintenance. Make sure your car is running correctly by preforming maintenance such as alignment checks, oil changes and tire rotations. When your car is running the best, it will save you on fuel.

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