Thanks to modern technology and the on-the-go society we live in, a new danger has become prevalent for those on the road in Milwaukee. The danger that causes many accidents on the road today is distracted drivers. Fortunately, the danger is drawing more attention than ever before. In fact, this month is Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

Distracted Driving Awareness Month is important, as distracted driving is the leading cause for car accidents in the Milwaukee area. One of the reasons it is important to bring the topic of distracted drivers to the forefront is because drivers are often unaware that their distractions are even a problem. Many drivers scoff at the idea that performing a simple, routine task may interfere with their ability to handle a vehicle safely.

Some of the simple distractions that can result in car accidents include:

  • Cell phone use. The use of a cell phone while driving is one of the biggest causes for distracted-driver accidents. It may seem quick and easy to check and see who called or sent a text message, but it only takes a split second for an accident to occur.
  • Eating. Fast food is everywhere. It’s a huge convenience to those on the go, but eating while driving can be extremely dangerous. With a cheeseburger in one hand and a soda in the other, a driver finds it difficult to react to a situation.
  • Stereo control. Music makes everything bearable, even driving a car full of children to and from their practices and events. A driver can quickly lose control of his vehicle while adjusting the volume, station, or song playing on the car’s music system.
  • Passengers. Passengers—whether young children, teenagers, or adults—can become loud, unruly, or restless. The disruptions of the passengers in a vehicle can take the driver’s focus away from the road.

Take a few minutes to think about the actions you are taking while behind the wheel. It is important to remain focused and undistracted.

If you have been struck by a distracted driver, it is essential that you hold him accountable for his actions. You can begin this process by calling (800) 800-5678. Hupy and Abraham maintains eleven offices across Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. One call to us and we can direct you to an experienced attorney at your closest office for a FREE consultation.

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