Bike to Work

For 2017, Bike to Work Week will take place from May 15-19, with Bike to Work Day being observed on the 19th. Bike to Work Week came about as a way to promote bicycling as an alternative transportation to work. Each May, cities across the United States and Canada set aside a week to celebrate all things cycling, while spreading awareness about the benefits of biking to work.

Why Bike to Work?

Bicycling is, for many city dwellers, a great alternative to driving to work. When communities embrace cycling and make it easier for individuals to safely bike throughout their cities, traffic congestion is reduced, people save money, become happier and healthier, and pollution is even reduced!

Unfortunately, though, many communities have not made cycling a priority, and they may lack bicycle lanes, secure bicycle storage, or safe routes for individuals to navigate from their homes to their places of business. But with some simple planning and preparation, anyone (who lives near enough) can hop on a bike to get to and from work.

How to Prepare for Bike to Work Day or Week:

  1. Plan your route ahead of time and ensure you have enough time to reach your destination.
  2. Make sure your bike is in good condition and ready to ride.
  3. If your distance to work seems too far – look for a local shuttle or bus to take you part of the way.
  4. Use bike lanes whenever possible. 
  5. Wear clothing that can easily be seen by motorists, and remember to always alert motorists of your intentions by using the appropriate hand signals.

All of us at Hupy and Abraham hope you have a great Bike to Work Week and hope you get a chance to get out and ride! But before you do, request a FREE Watch for Cycles sticker to display and remind others that cycles have equal rights to the road.

In the event you or a loved one are injured on a bicycle due to the dangerous or negligent actions of someone else, contact Hupy and Abraham right away. To do so, call 800-800-5678 or start a live chat anytime at

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