5 ways to prep your car for summer Driving during the winter months is a much more varied task than driving in summer. Many of the elements present during winter months—snow, sleet, ice—that can pose a driving danger and increase risks of a potential Milwaukee car accident are not there.

Summer time presents a different set of hazards on the road. It’s important to recognize that, even though all danger cannot be eliminated, the risks can be managed.

One key to adapting to the different types of dangers through the seasons is to properly prepare your vehicle. With summertime coming, it is important to prep the vehicle for the warmer months and recondition it from those cold winter months. By doing so, a driver will be able to reduce the risk of breakdowns and, ultimately, the risk of car accidents in Wisconsin.

Five ways a driver can prepare his vehicle for the summer months are:

  1. Check the battery. Extreme weather changes, like those experienced in Wisconsin, tend to take a toll on the life of a battery. A dead battery can leave a driver stranded, unable to drive.
  2. Change the wipers. Wisconsin’s winter months typically have a large amount of snowfall requiring heavy use of the windshield wipers. Heavy use can wear them out over the winter, making them useless in a summer downfall.
  3. Change fluids. The oil in a vehicle should be changed with the temperatures. Warmer months require oil that is thicker. Doing so will keep a vehicle running much longer and more smoothly.
  4. Switch emergency kits. A driver in areas with extreme variance between summer and winter months should have a different emergency kit for each season. Taking the time to properly prepare a emergency kit for the appropriate season can save a driver’s life.
  5. Change tires. Some drivers decide to switch tires between summer and winter. Tires designed for snow and ice do not perform as well in the summer months when roads are dry and hot.

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