The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation maintain the annual Wisconsin traffic accident statistics regarding traffic accidents in Wisconsin that cause damage, injury and death.

It is important to understand the Wisconsin traffic accident statistics as they provide vital clues to the dangerous activities and areas that are prone to traffic accidents in Wisconsin. If you find yourself or a loved one suffering serious injury and losses from traffic accidents in Wisconsin, contact our Milwaukee car accident attorney of Hupy and Abraham for advice and guidance.

Fatal Traffic Accidents in Wisconsin

The NHTSA Wisconsin traffic accident statistics recorded 561 fatalities out of the 33,808 traffic accidents in the state. While this number is again an improvement in the past 5 years, it still shows that there is much progress to be made both nationwide and in Wisconsin to decrease traffic fatalities.

Of these fatal traffic accidents in Wisconsin, 408 victims were occupants of passenger vehicles, 84 were motorcyclists and 38 were pedestrians (31 were unrecorded). Speeding drivers accounted for 203 of these fatal crashes and 213 fatalities were caused by drivers who were found to be impaired by alcohol or other intoxicating substances.

Of the 84 fatal traffic accidents in Wisconsin involving motorcycles, 27 helmeted riders suffered fatal injuries while 55 unhelmeted riders lost their lives.

The most common types of fatal traffic accidents in Wisconsin

  • Single Vehicle: 320 crashes
  • Involving a Roadway Departure: 319 crashes
  • Involving Speeding: 203 crashes
  • Involving a Rollover: 176 crashes
  • Involving an Intersection: 133 crashes
  • Involving a Large Truck: 57 crashes

Unfortunately, Milwaukee County leads Wisconsin traffic accident statistics for the number of traffic accidents in Wisconsin, as well as fatal crashes. An attorney with local experience in the common traffic accidents that occur in the area will be your best resource to help you with your personal injury claim.

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