Fatal Motorcycle Crash

Every year, tens of thousands of motorcycle crashes occur and cause thousands of injuries and deaths to motorcyclists across the country. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released a report detailing the number of rider fatalities that took place in 2020. According to the report, the number of motorcyclist fatalities increased by 11% compared to 2019. Nearly 6,000 riders lost their lives in 2020, many due to the fault of other drivers. What can you do to help stay safe on the road and avoid becoming a statistic?

Staying visible on your bike is one of the most crucial factors in avoiding an accident. As a motorcyclist, you are harder to see than other vehicles on the road. Wearing high visibility gear and always using your headlights can help other vehicles on the road be aware of your presence, helping to avoid collisions.

You can be the best rider in the world, but sometimes that’s not enough to avoid a crash. You don’t have control over other drivers on the road who may be driving distracted, drowsy or drunk. Always keep an eye on the vehicles around you. If you’re in a car’s blind spot, try to get out of that area as soon as you safely can. Intersections are especially dangerous for motorcyclists, always watch for drivers and proceed through intersections carefully. Assume that other cars on the road cannot see you.

Even if you’re not on the road, you can help motorcyclists stay safe. Organizations like ABATE and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) work year-round to lobby for riders, promoting awareness of motorcycles and giving riders a voice in local and national government settings.

Hupy and Abraham also has been working to promote rider awareness for over 50 years. The firm’s “Watch for Motorcycles” message is spread through TV, radio, billboards and stickers, as well as promoted at events across the country. By helping spread motorcycle awareness, Hupy and Abraham hopes to reduce the number of motorcyclist crashes and fatalities on the road. The firm also supports organizations like ABATE and the MRF to help make rider voices heard.

We do all we can to prevent motorcycle accidents, but sometimes they still happen. If you’ve been injured in a crash, contact Hupy and Abraham today. We’ve been helping motorcycle riders for decades. Over 70,000 clients have hired Hupy and Abraham and they’ve received more than $1 billion for their injuries. Call Hupy and Abraham today at 800-800-5678 so we can start fighting for you.

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