Are you getting ready for some family fun at Prairie Fun Land, Vacationland Fun Park, or another Wisconsin amusement park? Do you have friends or relatives who are planning a summer outing? Are you concerned about everyone’s safety?

Now Is the Right Time to Take Action

You may not be able to prevent someone from attacking you or your loved one, but there are things that you can do to try to stay safe. If you are in an amusement park, or any other public place this summer, then it is important to:

  1. Never be alone. You may be an easier victim if there is no one around to help you.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings. Are you in a well-lit area? Are you in a public area?
  3. Carry a cell phone. You may be able to call for help, sound an alarm in an emergency, and take pictures of the attacker running away or the place in which you were hurt.
  4. Scream if you are being attacked. Try to attack attention to yourself so that the attacker stops and flees.
  5. Know what to do after an attack. Get the medical and legal attention that you need to make a fair recovery.

It is also important to remember that you did not cause your own attack. Not only did the person who attacked you make a decision to hurt you, but the amusement park may have been negligent in the security that it provided you and other guests.

Know What to Do in a Negligent Security Case

If you believe that the amusement park had inadequate security and that the lack of security contributed to your attack, then it is important to know your rights. Please read our free articles and start an online chat with us now to get your questions answered.

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