Economists and other expert witnesses may prove crucial to your negligent security claim

Not all negligent security cases are the same, and not all negligent security cases require expert witnesses.

However, in some cases expert witnesses may be important to your recovery. They can provide the insurance company or court with the necessary information to award you the fair compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

Three Types of Expert Witnesses to Consider in a Negligent Security Case

As you and your attorney discuss your negligent security claim, it is important to consider the following types of expert witnesses:

  • Security experts. A safety expert or security consultant can provide useful information about the type of security that a reasonable property owner would have provided in similar circumstances. There are different types of security experts and the one who is right for your case will depend on the type of property where you were hurt. For example, if you were hurt on a college campus, then you would want to work with a security expert who specializes in campus security. However, if you were hurt in a bar or nightclub, then you would want to work with a security expert who is knowledgeable about the bar and nightclub industry.
  • Doctors. A doctor may be an important expert witness for two reasons. First, a doctor can help prove that your injuries were caused by the negligent security attack. Second, a doctor can help the insurance company, judge, or jury understand what your long-term prognosis is and how your injuries may impact you in the future.
  • Economists. An economist can help the insurance company, judge, or jury understand how your injuries will impact your future income.

It is important to hire not only the right type of expert witnesses for your case, but also the right people to do the job. The defense will try to discredit your experts and their testimony. Accordingly, you need to hire experts who can do their jobs effectively and who can help you get the recovery that you deserve.

Talk to Your Lawyer About the Right Experts for Your Case

Our experienced lawyers have worked with many expert witnesses before, we know how to vet potential experts, and we know how to hire the right experts for your case. Please contact us directly via this website to learn more about how negligent security cases work in general and about expert witnesses in particular. We would be pleased to provide you with a free consultation about your rights and potential recovery.

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