8 strategies to stay awake while driving.

The winter season is the time of year when falling asleep at the wheel is more prevalent than any other time of the year. Why might this be the case? Falling asleep at the wheel can be attributed to multiple case scenarios. These scenarios include insufficient sleep, longer nights, seasonal depression, not enough food and the temperature settings in your car. 


Driving while drowsy accounts for a substantial amount of crashes and fatalities each year. It has become so severe that you can be fined and even jailed in some states if you knowingly drive while drowsy. Thankfully, there are ways to help individuals stay alert and attentive when driving on the road. This article will go over tips to help you stay awake on the road.


  1. Sleep: By far, the best way to combat drowsiness on the road is to get enough sleep. The average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep daily. If you find yourself feeling drowsy at the wheel, make sure you are getting enough rest. 
  2. Naps: If needed, pull over to a safe location and take a nap. Sure, this may take up time and may be a slight inconvenience. But it's better to arrive at your location late rather than not to arrive at all. 
  3. Healthy food: Not only does junk food shorten your lifespan, it also doesn't provide the proper nutrients, vitamins and energy your body needs. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will positively affect you in more ways than one, including staying awake on the road. Think energy food to eat such as almonds, apples, avocadoes, lean meat and so on.
  4. Alcohol and medication: Some will say this statement is obvious, but it's always worth stating. Never drive under the influence of any drug. 
  5. Posture: A good way to stay alert is to make sure you have good posture by sitting up straight. Good posture also improves hand-eye coordination and you'll also be less prone to falling asleep. 
  6. Movement and time: If needed, take time to pull over and stretch. Incorporating movement will give you a jolt of energy along with the fresh air. Furthermore, take your time getting to your destination, as stated in the previous points. 
  7. Hydration and caffeine: Staying hydrated or having a cup of coffee can help support your energy levels while on the road. Water will always be the best option to stay hydrated, but caffeine is a great alternative, as well. Just be wary of the amount of sugar in your caffeinated drink. 
  8.  Partner: Driving with a partner will help immensely when on the road. They can watch out for you to make sure that you don't fall asleep at the wheel and can also take the driver's seat when you reach your limit. 


Adding these tips to your daily schedule can help fight off drowsiness. It is your responsibility as the driver to ensure that you are staying alert while on the road. For more information and resources, visit hupy.com and also visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HupyandAbraham/


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