Over the years, the personal injury law firm of Hupy and Abraham has successfully stood up for the rights of people when told they "don't have a case" by other lawyers.

If another firm said this to you and dropped your case, it could be the case was too challenging or they're unwilling to go to court. Hupy and Abraham is not afraid to take complex cases and has the resources to file suit.

Read what a judge said about Hupy and Abraham on the record:

"If it were not for Mr. Hupy's bold and zealous advocacy ... Hupy's client most likely would get nothing at all. The issues in this case are quite daunting from a plaintiff's perspective and... absolutely Mr. Hupy... and the other members of the Hupy firm have been undaunted in their pursuit of their view of justice and compensation for their client."  

Justice was compensation for our client of more than $1,400,000.

In some cases, another lawyer might be able to get an offer, but how do you know it's the best offer? That's why it's necessary to hire a good lawyer.

Many times, inexperienced lawyers advise you to accept a low-ball offer, even if it doesn't cover all of your bills. Don't assume you've received the best offer until you've talked to the best lawyers!

Click the links below to read about cases in which other lawyers told our clients they "don't have a case" or that the low-ball offer was the best they could get until Hupy and Abraham proved otherwise.

Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham