Only years out of high school, a young lady was riding on the back of her boyfriend's motorcycle as they were fully stopped at an intersection and waiting for a green light. Suddenly, someone rear-ended them at high speed. She was launched into the air for a considerable distance, landing hard enough to shatter a vertebra into her spinal cord and cause many other injuries. She was taken to Madison for emergency surgery where a spinal fusion was performed.

She originally retained another attorney to handle her case, but that law firm seemingly wanted her to do all the work on her case—including the gathering of records that their office could have easily obtained. She dropped them and brought her case to Hupy and Abraham in Milwaukee, where the firm took over.

Prior to the suit, no significant offers were made. At mediation, the insurance company originally offered $200,000 and we refused it. By the end of the mediation, we were able to double their initial offer and secure $400,000 for our young client.

There are times that client participation and cooperation are necessary in cases but the vast majority of the work should always be done by the lawyer's office. At Hupy and Abraham, our staff size, skill, and experience makes this possible for all of our clients. To find out how we can help you, contact us at any time, any day to schedule a free consultation.