Our client was a passenger in her brother’s car, which was driving slowly past an accident near the Dells, when the defendant sped through a seemingly open lane and rear-ended them. Because of the initial accident, traffic had slowed. The defendant’s speeding indicates the defendant was in a hurry and not paying attention.

Our client suffered neck and back injuries as a result of the impact.

After the accident, our client continued to work as a maid at Dell’s area hotels despite severe pain daily. Her continuation of work was necessary to provide for her family; the fact she did so with such intense pain speaks volumes about her character. The insurance company, though, took this as proof that she wasn’t injured by the high-speed accident. It also argued that her back injury was from a surgery she had seven years previously and not related to the accident. The insurance company refused to admit that the accident had aggravated that earlier injury and caused additional pain, also in the neck.

The insurance company made no settlement offer.

The injured housemaid went to another law firm first, where attorneys told her that she would need to accept whatever the insurance company offered. This law firm did little to work on her case.  She dropped them from her case and consulted Hupy and Abraham. We sued the insurance company and the defendant immediately.

After the lawsuit was filed, our investigators documented our client’s injuries with the help of her physicians. We were more than willing to expose the insurance company’s unreasonable arguments and attempts to avoid responsibility to a jury at trial.

As a result of our discoveries, the insurance company offered to settle for $40,000. We knew that the policy limits were $50,000. We told them that our client’s medical bills were in excess of $20,000 and she would accept only the policy limits. The insurance company complied the same day we made this demand.