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With Christmas only a few days away, the holiday season is in full swing for families across the country. The holidays bring a flurry of excitement and activity, but at the same time, there’s also a significant increase in preventable accidents and injuries caused by home fires. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 30% of home fires and 38% of home fire deaths occur during the winter months of December, January and February.

Luckily, simple steps can be taken to reduce the risks of death and injury during this busy time of year. As you and your loved ones prepare for the winter festivities, here are some holiday safety tips to help keep you and your loved ones safer.

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

Lights and Decorations

According to the NFPA, holiday lights and other electric decorations are involved in an estimated average of 790 home fires each year, excluding Christmas trees. Here are ways you can make decorating safer:

  • Avoid overloading electrical outlets or connecting multiple strings of lights and cords.

  • Use light emitting diode (LED) decorations. Unlike incandescent bulbs, which generate most of their energy in heat, LEDs are cool to the touch.

  • Do not leave your decorations up beyond the holiday. Leaving wires exposed to the elements long term can decrease their shelf life and increase the risk of a fire.

Counterfeit Electrical Products

Defective products of any kind are a concern during the holidays. Unlike other counterfeit products, an unregulated electrical product can cause a fire, deaths, injuries and substantial property damage. While you may save money in the short term, a fire caused by bargain extension cords could cost far more.

Holiday Trees

Christmas tree fires are not as common. But, when they do occur, Christmas tree fires are more likely to be serious. One of every three home Christmas tree fires is caused by an electrical problem. Remember to:

  • Water a live Christmas tree daily to decrease its flammability.

  • Avoid connecting more than two strings of lights together.

  • Keep trees away from electric fireplaces and space heaters.

  • Discard your tree before it completely dries out.

Holiday Cooking

In 2021, the three leading dates for home fires caused by cooking were Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It is important to stay safe in the kitchen this holiday season. Here are things to help avoid a fire while cooking.

  • Remain alert of everything going on around you while in the kitchen.

  • Stay in the kitchen while frying, grilling, boiling and broiling any type of food.

  • Keep anything flammable such as oven mitts, wooden utensils, food wrappers and towels away from the cooking area.  

Candles and Fireplaces

Winter is the perfect time of the year to use your fireplace and light candles throughout your home. Unfortunately, at the same time, a good amount of house fires are reported each year due to the misuse of candles and fireplaces. This is usually caused by decorations catching fire, or a combustible object is placed too close to the flame. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent fires within your home.

  • Don’t leave fires unattended especially while you are asleep.

  • Blow out candles before they reach the end of their wick.

  • Keep an open space between the fire and any surrounding objects such as decorations.

  • Place candles on a sturdy surface.

Holiday Slip and Fall Safety Tips

Slip and fall accidents are avoidable, but also one of the leading home injury deaths. Many families live in areas where they receive snowfalls each season, but especially during the holidays. Stocking up on items such as salt, shovels and snow blowers will help deal with seasonal hazards. Here are ways you can be prepared when your guests arrive. 

  • Plow or shovel when needed during winter conditions.

  • Keep walking paths clear of extension cords and decorations.

  • Salt any wet walkways to avoid ice forming.

Lastly, general tips for home safety are essential to remember, as well. Having a checklist for preventive items, making sure they work correctly and knowing how to use them will help prevent potential damage to your home. These items consist of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, antiflame fabric and other items designed to prevent injuries. It is also important to practice a home fire escape plan, so you are aware of how to get out of your home if there is an emergency.

Injured in an Accident?              

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