One morning on I-43 in Milwaukee, our client suffered injuries on her way to work when another driver cut into her lane and hit her, causing the car to spin out of control and into the retaining wall. The defendant driver claimed that our client appeared to be asleep at the time of the accident and was at fault. Based upon this statement, their insurance company, Country Insurance, denied the claim and refused to pay for our client's car damage, medical expenses, lost wages, or any money for pain and suffering.

Our client initially hired another firm to pursue an injury claim. The lawyers at this form presumably were intimidated by Country Insurance, informing her that she should drop her claim because she wouldn't win and eventually dropping her as a client.

She hired Hupy and Abraham in Milwaukee and Attorney Tim Schelwat filed a lawsuit against Country Insurance and the defendant driver. After telling the insurance company that it was our intention to go to trial unless they re-evaluated our client's case, they agreed to pay and settle the case for $17,000. The amount included all of her property damage and full compensation for her medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

A case doesn't have to be huge in order to be important to an individual client or our law firm.  We insist upon seeing justice served and will not abandon a client's case merely because an insurance company wrongfully denies payment.