After years of driving, most people tend to develop a certain style of driving. Every person seems to have his unique ways of sitting, steering, mirror position, and seat position. What most fail to realize is that there is actually a correct way in which a car should be driven. Driving a car the correct way can lower the risk of being involved in a Gurnee auto accident.

With accident rates in Illinois so high, you should take every precaution possible to avoid becoming a victim of a traffic wreck near Chicago. This means following certain driving recommendations. Some ways you can drive that will reduce your odds of being involved in a car crash in Gurnee are: 

  • Hand placement. Most people have heard of the phrase, “ten and two,” yet the majority of drivers do not follow this rule of driving. Ten and two refers to the placement of the hands on the steering wheel. When driving a vehicle, hands should be placed by putting the left hand where the 10 is on a clock and the right hand where the 2 is on a clock.
  • Seat position. While you’re driving, the seat should be positioned so you can comfortably reach all the controls. The clutch, brake, and gas pedal should be able to be fully depressed without stretching. The back should be reclined to the point where the arms are slightly bent while in the 10 and 2 position.
  • Mirrors. The driver and passenger side mirrors should be positioned to give the driver the most comprehensive view of the road. The rear-view mirror should give the driver the best view of the traffic behind the vehicle.

Driving the correct way may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but may reduce the chance of being involved in a car crash.

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