summer safety tips

The wait is over -- summer is finally here!  The sun is shining and you have been dreaming of all the incredible outdoor activities in store – pool parties, camping, trips to the beach, hiking and bicycling - just to name a few!  Promises of adventure also brings an increased risk of injuries.

The experienced personal injury attorneys of Hupy and Abraham want you to have a wonderful summer and to stay safe in whatever activity you choose.  We have compiled this list of summer safety tips for the many common summer hazards you and your family may experience.

  1. Practice safety near water.  Many summer deaths are caused by drowning.  Use the buddy system when enjoying pool activities or water sports.  Ensure that children are under constant adult supervision and that they have proper flotation devices.
  2. Stay hydrated.  Dehydration is dangerous and can be deadly.  Bring extra water when heading into the hot temperatures.  It is recommended that you have a couple of liters for every person. Make sure you stop frequently in the shade and take a drink of water to keep from sweating out too much.
  3. Use sun protection.   Learn your SPF numbers and what to buy for your family.  The most important thing is not the number, but effective application on all exposed skin.  You can buy a spray-based sunscreen, which is a lot easier to apply than oily lotions.
  4. Protect against mosquitos and other pests.  Mosquitos carry many of the season’s worst diseases.  If you are going to be spending time near open water, protect yourself from mosquitos by covering arms and legs.  You should also use effective repellents. Protect against wasps, hornets, and other bugs by avoiding their nests.  Bright or floral patterns also attract these stinging insects, so avoid wearing them.
  5. Drive with caution.   Summer is often a dangerous time to be on the road.  This is due to a number of factors – an increased number of drivers new to the area, more bikers and pedestrians outside, and drivers who may be acting more careless.  Please remember to follow traffic laws, watch for pedestrians and others outside, do not drink and drive and stay safe on the road.
  6. Be careful around grills and campfires.  Perform a check of air tubes for blockage from bugs or food grease on your gas grill.  Ensure that children and pets maintain a safe distance from flames and that they are supervised by an adult.  Teach children to stop, drop, and roll if their clothing catches fire.
  7. NEVER leave a child or pet alone in a vehicle for any amount of time.  In the summer, a closed car heats up as much as 20 degrees in 10 minutes.  Consider placing shoes, bags, or any important items in the back seat next to children, as a reminder to check the back seat.  If you spot a child or pet that looks in distress, find a way into the car, and call 911 immediately.

Hupy and Abraham is confident that you and your family will have a fun and safe summer.  In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one is injured while participating in a summer activity, due to the negligence of someone else, please contact us today at 1-800-800-5678 to learn more, or start a live chat with us anytime at

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