Many Americans are pet lovers and owners. Dogs are very popular among pet owners. Over 39 percent of households in the United States own at least one dog. For most, having a dog is like having another member of the family. Like other family members the dog goes on vacations, to run errands, to sporting events, to the dog park and other places. To get to these places the dog must ride in a vehicle with the owner.

Having a dog as a passenger can be dangerous. Because an animal companion doesn’t have human judgment, the dog can easily distract the driver and ultimately cause a Wisconsin car wreck. Distracted driver collisions are the most common type of Green Bay motor vehicle accident. To keep your dog from distracting you while driving you should:

  • Use a crate. A crate keeps your dog safe while you are driving. Before putting your dog in the crate, secure the crate so that your dog won’t be injured if you come to an abrupt stop. Be sure to put water in with the dog if you are going to be traveling for a long period.
  • Use a leash. If using a crate is not an option, a leash is the next best thing. It won’t give the dog the security that a crate provides but will keep him from creating a distraction to the driver. This is a good option for dogs that don’t like to be in crates.
  • Teach him. Many dogs can be trained in proper car behavior. You need to set rules and boundaries for riding in your car, just as you would train a child. Teach your dog where he can and can’t go in the car. Reading a book on how to train dogs can help greatly.
  • Hold him. If you are riding with other passengers, have them hold the dog until the destination is reached.

Having a dog freely roam the vehicle can be a danger to yourself and others on the road. If you have been involved in an auto accident due to a pet distraction contact a Wisconsin auto accident lawyer at Hupy and Abraham. You can receive a free case evaluation from one of their reputable attorneys by calling 800-800-5678. Also be sure to pick up a copy of The Ultimate Guide For Automobile Accident Victims at no cost to you.

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