All it takes is one animal and your child for a catastrophic injury to occur.

It takes only one dog to maul your child’s face near your home in Atkins, it takes only one dog to bite your child’s finger at Cedar Valley Park, and it takes only one dog to otherwise injure your child anywhere in the Cedar Rapids area.

But Your Child Is Not Alone

Your child is not the only one suffering from a dog bite injury in Cedar Rapids, and your child is not alone in his recovery. CBS News reports that animal bites, including dog bites, are on the rise in Cedar Rapids. According to a recent report, Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control reports an increase in animal bites. For example, in May 2013 there were 26 animal bites reported in the City of Cedar Rapids and in May 2014 there were 44 animal bites reported. The May 2014 animal bites included:

  • 30 dog bites.
  • 11 cat bites.
  • 2 raccoon bites.
  • 1 bat bite.

In other words, there were more dog bites in May 2014 then there were total animal bites in May 2013.

Get Your Child the Help He Needs With His Recovery

Just as your child isn’t the only one who has been hurt, he is also not alone in his recovery. Your child may be aided in his recovery by you, by his doctors, by his teacher, by his friends, and by his lawyer. It is important to get your child the help and the support that he needs during this difficult time from our Cedar Rapids dog bite lawyers

To learn more about protecting your child’s rights after a dog bite injury please read our FREE dog bite brochure, “Beware of the Dog,” and please start an online chat with us today to learn more about your child’s specific legal rights and possible financial recovery.

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