Car crashes in Wisconsin are a very common sight. Driving to our destinations, we often see mangled vehicles sitting on the side of the road. With so many vehicles on the road, it is inevitable that accidents will occur. In fact, there are now 5,482,518 registered vehicles in the state. The odds are good that eventually you will be involved in one of these car crashes.

Knowing that there are so many accidents happening every day, it is important for you to keep your family safe. Wearing a seat belt is of course the most important thing for an adult to do while driving. But what about children? It is important that they safe as possible during a crash.

In order to keep children safe, it helps to know the different type of car seats. Some of these types are:

  • Rear facing. Rear facing car seats are designed for infants who weigh between 5 and 20 pounds. These seats have a handle that allows you detach the seat from the base and carry it with you.
  • Convertible seat. These seats are made to face forward or rearward. They are designed for toddlers ranging from 20 to 40 pounds. Some models are made to handle weights up to 65 pounds.
  • Booster seats. Depending on the model, a booster see will hold a child 30 to 100 pounds.
  • Combination seats. A combination seat can be used as a five-point harness or a belt positioned-booster seat. They can hold children weighing between 20 to 100 pounds.
  • Built-in. Many vehicles are now equipped with an optional built-in car seat. Age and height limitations vary between the different manufacturers.

A car crash can be a life-altering event. If you or your child has been involved in an auto accident, contact a Green Bay automobile accident attorney at Hupy and Abraham by calling 800-800-5678 toll-free. You will receive a free consultation and informed of your legal options.

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