Wisconsin car maintenance tipsPerforming basic car maintenance tasks is about far more than extending the car's life. The car accident attorneys of Hupy & Abraham know from experience that with the summer season, people in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin drive more and take longer trips than in the winter. If you never check your car, let alone service it, you and your passengers are likely to face nasty surprises, possibly coming up at the worst possible time. Checking and servicing your car on a regular basis, and especially before a long trip, is an essential part of driving safely.

What should you check at least once a month?

  • Check your coolant level, which should be between the high and low marking on the reservoir. Be careful not to do it while the engine is still hot;
  • Check your tires for tread wear and pressure;
  • Check your oil level using the dipstick, and add oil when necessary;
  • Fill your windshield cleaning fluid reservoir;
  • Inspect your wiper blades. Replace them if they smear the windshield and chatter when they move;
  • Check all your lights: turn signal, brake, flashers and headlights. Clean them if dirty.

What does maintenance have to do with safety?

A clean windshield and properly working wipers give you the essential advantage of actually seeing where you are heading to. Just imagine overtaking large trucks in torrential rain and muddy water spray.

Defective lights may not have a great impact in broad daylight, but what about fog and darkness? Oil and coolant levels that are never checked could leave you stranded with an overheating engine precisely when you are riding on the left lane, or on a highway interchange.

Good, properly inflated tires give you the traction and grip to keep your car on its path and to avoid sudden obstacles.

Your car maintenance is your safety.

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