Sun glare can easily, and suddenly, blind drivers.

One would think that during winter, the darkest and coldest season, the biggest dangers for motorists would be snow and ice. But, one considerable hazard most commuting drivers have to face is the sun.

Driving during the winter is particularly dangerous, especially as we approach daylight saving time (March 12, 2017). The sun begins to set low in the sky during the morning and evening commutes when the roads are busiest with people driving to and from work or school. As the glaring sun reflects off snow, ice and water on the road, conditions can quickly become treacherous.

Sun glare can easily, and suddenly, blind drivers. When the sun is shining into your eyes as you drive, it can be impossible to see the road ahead. Fortunately, simple steps can be taken to improve your vision when the sun is out, and to prevent accidents and injuries.

Seven Tips for Dealing with Sun Glare While Driving:

  1. Invest in polarized sunglasses that can help reduce glare.
  2. Utilize your sun visor to help block out the sun.
  3. Leave more distance between you and the car ahead. When the sun is in your eyes, it can be difficult to see what the car ahead is doing.
  4. Drive with your headlights on to increase your visibility to other drivers. Remember, other drivers may be struggling to see as well, so be attentive to other vehicles.
  5. Keep your windshield clean and streak-free, inside and out.
  6. Focus on the lane markings to guide you, if you’re having difficulty seeing the road.
  7. Consider taking an alternative route. It may take longer, but a route that is lined with tall trees or buildings will save you from the sun’s glare.

Rarely will conditions be perfect for driving, but if motorists are proactive and make the proper adjustments, they can minimize any additional risks that come with less-than-optimal visual conditions.

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