When purchasing a vehicle, buyers normally consider the available safety features—and one of the most important features is the number of airbags. Vehicles that are equipped with rear seat and side-impact airbags are usually considered to be safer than those without. Auto manufacturers have now discovered that providing airbags—beyond the minimum required under government regulations—can be a major selling point for new vehicles. After purchasing a vehicle that is well equipped with airbags, a buyer will feel very safe and secure in his vehicle.

Cars that are equipped with airbags do not, of course, prevent traffic accidents. Airbags are designed to lower the risk of injury is some kinds of collisions, but it is impossible to reduce the risk to zero.

Few consumers realize that, in fact, airbags can actually cause injuries during a Milwaukee car accident.

The risks car manufacturers don’t tell you about

Some of the common injuries that can be caused by airbags include:

  • Facial injury. When an airbag deploys, it expands with a great amount of force and can cause damage to the face. A broken nose, crushed cheekbones, and black eyes are commonly associated with injury caused by an airbag.
  • Neck injury. During a crash, the head and neck can be forcefully whipped in one direction. When the airbag deploys, it whips the neck back in the other direction. This can cause the neck to become injured. Typical neck injuries caused by airbags are a sprained neck, fractured vertebrae, or a broken neck.
  • Head injury. The action of an airbag deploying and striking the head can cause damage. It can also cause the head to strike against other objects in the vehicle, such as the window or headrest.

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