Protect the evidence!

It is always a good idea to preserve evidence after a Wisconsin motor vehicle accident, but it is especially important after a Green Bay motorcycle crash. Reconstructing the scene of a motorcycle accident can be difficult, and evidence from the crash can make the difference between winning and losing your Wisconsin motorcycle accident injury case.

Why save evidence?

Motorcycle accidents often involve head injuries. If you sustain a concussion or othe head injury in a Wisconsin motorcycle crash, your injury may affect your ability to remember what happened before, during and after the accident.

Many people stereotype all motorcyclists as reckless. Since motorcycles are small and loud, witnesses often perceive motorcycles as going faster than their actual speed. This means that witness reports may not be accurate.

Evidence from the scene of the accident can help your Green Bay motorcycle accident lawyer prove what really happened during your crash.  How do you preserve evidence? Here is what our Green Bay motorcycle crash attorneys suggest:

  • Take pictures of your injuries. As your injuries begin to heal, it will be hard to remember just how painful they were. Take picture of your injuries.
  • Save your helmet and motorcycle gear. Take pictures of your gear and any damage to it. The damage will help tell the story of what happened during the crash.
  • Don’t fix your bike until your Green Bay motorcycle accident lawyer has had a chance to look at it and photograph the damage. If you must repair it because you need it for transportation, photograph every inch of the bike. Even minor damage can provide valuable support for your Wisconsin accident claim.
  • Take pictures of the Green Bay accident scene. As soon as possible after the crash, go to the scene of the crash or ask a friend to go for you. Take pictures of any signs of the crash, including broken glass, tire friction marks, spilled oil, or any gouges or scratches on the pavement.

The Green Bay motorcycle accident lawyers at Hupy and Abraham are dedicated to helping victims of Wisconsin motorcycle accidents get fair compensation for their injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Wisconsin motorcycle crash, learn more about your rights in our book, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims. Request your free copy today.

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