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  • Prescription Drug Used in Chelation Therapy Parents will go to the ends of the earth to protect and heal their children. Parents of autistic children are no different and many have turned to chelation drugs to try and treat their child's autism. However, the FDA is warning that the many unapproved chelation drugs on the market might be at the best ineffective and at the worst, dangerous. Many drug companies that make these drugs may be facing legal action if they continue to make claims that the FDA sees as unsubstantiated.
  • injured accident motorcycle parked car lawyer attorney Milwaukee First responders risk their lives every time they respond to a call. In this article we will be exploring the U.S. First Responders Association, a non-profit group that works to provide education, advocacy and policy guidelines to keep first responders, to include fire-rescue, EMS workers, military members and police officers, as safe and protected as possible. Please read on to learn more about first responders and the work they do to help keep the citizens of Wisconsin and the United Sates safe.
  • State of Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance Learn more about the role of the State of Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) and how to get answers you need to your insurance questions.
  • hit by distracted driver hurt need attorney lawyer Milwaukee Wis The U.S. Department of Transportation maintains distraction.gov, a website that deals exclusively with the issue of distracted driving. In this article we will be looking at their resources which include current news, stats and facts and state laws.
  • Wisconsin State Patrol accident highway need lawyer Milwaukee Wis The Wisconsin State Patrol is responsible for more than handing out traffic citations. Working with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the State Patrol provides driver education information, a motorcycle enforcement program and vehicle inspection information. Please read on to learn more about the Wisconsin State Patrol and to access links that will take you directly to their website.
  • highway safety Milwaukee, Wis. Accident attorney hurt in crash lawyer The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) is a state and territorial highway safety office that implements programs that help improve the safety of highways across the nation. They focus their efforts on occupant protection, impaired driving and speeding. Both Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa have offices that serve the people of our great states.
  • Thank You for Requesting the "Ultimate Guide for Automobile Accident Victims" This book is FREE for any Wisconsin, Iowa, or Illinois resident—even if you don't hire us to represent you!
  • OTSD | Accident Distracted Teen Driver Car Attorney Milwaukee Wis Teen drivers have always been perceived as a threat on the nation’s roadways. Now, with nearly every teen carrying a phone and using it at every opportunity, teen drivers have become an even greater threat on the roads of Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. Operation Teen Safe Driver is working to educate teens and help them make the right choices when driving. Please read on to learn more about OTSD and how they may help you and your family prevent a serious accident.
  • Illinois motorcycle safety courses accident attorney law firm Normal Start Seeing Motorcycles is a not for profit organization that works to make motorists more aware of the ever-growing motorcycle population in Illinois. In addition, they highlight the Illinois DOT and their motorcycle training courses. Please read on to learn more about StartSeeingMotorcycles.org and how you can work to prevent motorcycle accidents across Illinois.
  • Wisconsin Car Accident Attorney | Milwaukee Dangerous Freeways Lawyer The highways and freeways in and around Milwaukee are the scene of vehicle accidents every day. Find out what the most dangerous intersections are and why rural roads are deadly. The traffic density, the sudden changes in speed, the countless road signs, the rapid succession of merging lanes and steep exits, road works and debris, all combined with frequent bad weather are all compelling reasons to drive carefully in Milwaukee.