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Hupy and Abraham Helps Everest Metro Police Department Get New K-9


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In November 2012, the Everest Metro Police Department notified Officer Matthew Krembs that he would be the new K-9 handler for their team. The department needed to get a replacement for their retiring K-9 named Lord, who had been working for Everest Metro since 2007.

After his appointment, Officer Krembs needed assistance with raising  funds to get all costs for the K-9 to be 100 percent covered. Hupy and Abraham, S.C. contributed to this fund to help the Everest PD reach their goal. After 6 weeks of training with the new K-9 Aron, Officer Krembs and his new partner were ready to enter the field.

K-9 officers begin training at a young age to assist police officers with work. These dogs typically spend six to eight years in the field before retiring and are faithful partners to their handlers. The K-9’s for Everest Metro assist with narcotic searches and patrol duties. In a letter to contributors, Officer Krembs wrote how the work between himself and Aron is truly a joint effort. He also expressed how happy he is to have this lifelong friendship.

Some highlights of the extraordinary work Aron completed in his first six months include:

  • Tracking a subject over 750 yards through thick wooded areas, a divided highway, and more
  • Finding over 3,000 grams of marijuana after conducting a vehicle sniff; 45 additional grams were found in an apartment related to the vehicle
  • Locating methamphetamine paraphernalia, a loaded firearm, marijuana, and drug delivery supplies in a vehicle

Officer Krembs and Aron also make appearances and do demonstrations in their community.

Hupy and Abraham, S.C.  was glad to assist with the continuation of this great resource for the Everest PD and the surrounding community. K-9 Aron‘s work has been invaluable to this department thus far. In the days to come, Aron and Officer Krembs will surely continue to be a great partnership for Everest.

Jill Erin Wellskopf
Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham

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