We’ve all been there. We’ve been late, we’ve been lost, we’ve been stressed, or we’ve learned of an emergency that requires our immediate presence. In other words, we’ve been in a hurry to get where we were going. Every red light is met with frustration and every slow driver with anger. Most of the time we get where we are going safely and the stress of being in a hurry is put behind us. However, there are other times when someone else’s hurry becomes our personal emergency.

Three Types of Wisconsin Car Accidents That May Be Caused by Hurried Drivers

A hurried driver may also be an impatient driver. For example, a hurried driver may cause an accident by:

  • Speeding.
  • Making an improper U-turn.
  • Failing to yield.

You may hear the driver say at the he was in a hurry at the scene of the accident or that may later come out during the investigation of your accident case. Either way, it is important to know that being “in a hurry,” “late,” or even “on the way to an emergency” is not a defense to a car accident case. Instead, a driver has a responsibility to drive safely and exercise reasonable care every single time he or she gets behind the wheel of a car.

Call a Wisconsin Auto Accident Attorney If You’ve Been Hurt

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