That depends on how you were injured and whether you are entitled to a legal recovery pursuant to Wisconsin premises liability law.

Of course, you will likely need medical treatment before a settlement can be reached or a jury verdict can be entered. You should not delay medical treatment pending the outcome of your legal case. In many cases, your health insurance policy will cover at least some of the costs of your medical treatments.

Yet you may still be left with some out of pocket costs. You may have to use up your deductible before your insurance company will begin paying, for example, or you may require medical or rehabilitation treatment that your insurance company will not cover. In those cases, you may try to recover your costs by contacting an experienced Milwaukee slip and fall lawyer and fighting hard for your just recovery of damages.

You should not have to suffer the economic burden of outstanding medical bills along with the physical pain and inconvenience that you are suffering as a result of your fall accident. Milwaukee lawyers understand this and want to help you. Please call our Milwaukee slip and fall law firm today at 1-800-800-5678 (toll-free) or 414-223-4800 (local) to learn more about your rights.

Additionally, we invite you to learn more about how to deal with insurance companies and protect your rights by ordering our FREE DVD: Secrets Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know.

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