Should I sign a Release of All Claims form?

It could be in your best interest to sign the insurance company’s Release of All Claims form, but you shouldn’t sign anything before speaking with an Illinois personal injury lawyer.

Why the Insurance Company Wants You to Sign the Release

After an accident injury, the insurance company will likely require you to sign a liability waiver, or Release of All Claims form, before it settles your case. When you sign the form, you agree to settle your claim for the amount of money offered in the settlement, and you are waiving your right to get further compensation either from the insurance company or the person who caused your injury.

Things to Consider Before Signing a Release of Claims Form

If you want to settle your case, then you will need to sign the Release of Claims form, but before you do so, you should make sure that:

  • You understand the terms. As with any legal form, the legalese can be confusing. You need to make sure that you understand the exact terms of the agreement.
  • You know the full extent of your damages. If you haven’t finished medical treatment yet, you might not know the full extent of your future damages. However, if you sign the Release of All Claims form, then you won’t be able to pursue a future recovery even if you suffer further damages.

A Release of Claims Form is an important legal document. Before you decide whether to sign it, we encourage you to review your claim with your personal injury lawyer.

Our experienced Illinois personal injury attorneys know how to value your case, negotiate with insurers, and make sure that all agreements are fair. If the insurance company is unwilling to provide you with a fair settlement and liability waiver, then we will advise you not to sign anything and instead to take your case to court.

Learn the truth about your claim so that you don’t leave any compensation on the table. Call us or reach out to us through this website to schedule a free consultation in our Bloomington, Gurnee, or Rockford office, in your home or hospital room, or by phone or video conference.


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