Proper face and eye protection is one of the most crucial steps a Wisconsin rider can take to prevent a disastrous wreck. Any state-approved head protection will enable you to maintain clear visibility as well as mobility while riding a motorcycle. The following are important facts to keep in mind when considering choosing face protection: 

  • Your face mask should be made of shatter-resistant plastic, enabling it to protect you in the event of a crash. Other benefits include protection from all sort of driving elements, such as wind, dust, rain, bugs, or pebbles kicked up by surrounding traffic.
  • While goggles may provide sufficient facial protection, they will be of little help if you find yourself in need of full-face protection. Goggles will, however, prevent your eyes from watering due to wind, and certain types may shield your eyes from the brightness of the sun.
  • Tinted eye protection, though highly beneficial during daylight hours, should never be worn at nighttime, as it can severeley inhibit visibility.
  • Effective face and eye protection will be shatter-resistant, unscratched, and securely fastened. It will also be breathable, letting air pass through it to prevent fogging. Good face and eye protection will allow for extensive visibility as well as leave enough room for glasses if necessary.

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