April showers can certainly put a damper on your spring motorcycle ride, but good rain gear can increase your comfort and help keep you safe.

The Milwaukee motorcycle accident attorneys at Hupy and Abraham believe that whether or not you use a helmet is your choice. However, we recommend some type of face protection in the rain. When you are traveling at 40 miles per hour, raindrops can sting. When you are traveling at 65 miles per hour or more, the pain can be extreme.

Raingear should keep you warm and dry. Rain suits work well, especially in lighter rain. When it is raining heavily, you will want to make sure that openings are sealed to prevent rain from getting inside your suit. Test your gear before going on a long ride to determine whether you need to tuck in your waterproof gloves or add gauntlets. If you wear gauntlets under your cuffs of your rain suit, it can prevent the water from running down into your glove.

What you wear under the rain suit will depend on the temperature. A polyester, fleece, or wool base layer—some fabric that insulates when wet—can help keep you comfortable and prevent hypothermia.

Finish with waterproof boots and good socks.

It’s hard to focus on riding safely when you are wet, shivering and miserable. Being comfortable helps you concentrate on the road so you can stay safe. Think of raingear as an investment in your safety.

Your biggest safety risk, rain or shine, is other drivers on the road. To increase your chances of being seen, choose rain gear that is brightly colored and has reflective trim.

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