If you decide to ride your motorcycle during the winter months, you have made an excellent choice. Although many riders fear the cold and put their motorcycles away in the garage for the winter, you don’t have to. The key to having a pleasant ride during the winter cold is to be dressed appropriately for the weather. Just staying warm can help to prevent a Madison motorcycle accident.

In recent years there have been great innovations in motorcycle riding gear. One of the best developments to improve the comfort of a rider during cold months is electric riding gear. Electric riding gear attaches to the bike's electrical system and adds heat where you need it. Three essential electric articles you should have for your winter ride is:

  • Gloves. Gloves are key to comfort and safety during cold rides. When your hands get cold, your manual dexterity and precision lessen. This can make it more difficult to operate the brake, clutch, and throttle.
  • Vest. Many riders opt for only electric gloves and skimp on buying a heated vest. That’s a poor decision. A heated vest can lower the riding comfort temperature by 20 degrees. This means that if you are comfortable riding at 55 degrees, using an electric vest will allow you to be comfortable at 35 degrees.
  • Chaps. Once you have the gloves and vest, you should invest in a pair of electric chaps. Keeping your legs warmed while you ride can reduce the risk of hypothermia and can help you maintain concentration on the road instead of your discomfort.

Riding with safety and warmth in mind can save you from an accident. Just as you would not ride on a bright sunny day without sunglasses, and you would not ride in the rain without weather-resistant clothing, you should be prepared against the chill when you ride in winter.

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