What should be included in a Release of All Claims Form?

The insurance company sent you a Release of All Claims Form. Before the insurance company will send you any settlement money, it is demanding that you sign the form.

Understand What You Are Signing–and Why

The insurer wants you to agree to a settlement in exchange for waiving your right to seek future compensation for your accident injuries from the insurer or the insured. 

Some of the specific terms that you might find in a Release of All Claims form include:

  • General information, including the parties to the accident, details of the accident, the damages you claim, the settlement amount, and the law that governs the agreement.
  • Liability waiver that waives your right to hold the insurer or insured responsible for any further damages.
  • Release of your right to sue where you agree not to bring the case to court or to pursue further compensation for your injuries.
  • Indemnity and hold harmless clauses where you agree to release the insurance company and the insured from any third-party claims. For example, if a medical provider has a lien, then you are responsible for paying the bill.
  • Non-admission of fault where both parties to the agreement agree to the terms of the settlement but do not admit any responsibility for the accident.
  • Confidentiality clause which requires all parties to the agreement keep the terms of the agreement confidential.

Of course, every agreement is different and its contents must be thoroughly reviewed before you sign it.

Call an Iowa Personal Injury Attorney With Questions

If you have been seriously hurt in an Iowa accident, then we encourage you to talk to an experienced Iowa personal injury lawyer as soon as you can after your accident and before you sign a Release of All Claims form.

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