Knowledge of common mechanical motorcycle problems can be just as important as being able to avoid an accident. Some of the most prevalent issues facing Wisconsin motorcycle users include: 

  • Contaminated fuel: When a bike isn’t used very often, it is possible for the gas to go stale and clog the fuel system. People who ride their motorcycle for less than 25 miles per week should consider purchasing a fuel stabilizing additive to prevent clogs.
  • Poorly lubricated chains: If not maintained properly, motorcycle chains could break or slip, causing a skid to occur. Chains should be well lubricated and pulled to a proper tension. For the sake of suspension, a chain should sag between ¾ and 1 1 ¼ inches between the sprockets.
  • Uncharged batteries:  Neglected batteries are a problem if the motorcycle is ridden less than 25 miles per week or less than 5 hours per week. If you don’t ride your motorcycle that often, consider hooking your battery up to a charger when you finish riding.  
  • Debris in the interior: Failing to properly clean your bike could result in a collection of dirt and debris accumulating on the interior of the engine, which can cause the bike to run poorly. 

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