A well-performing tire is crucial to the safety of a motorcycle rider. A bad tire can be very dangerous and is often the cause for motorcycle accidents in Madison. Before each ride, motorcyclist should take the time to properly inspect the tire.

One of the things to look for while doing a tire inspection is excessive wear. All tires eventual wear down over time. However, you should be aware of any uneven or excessive wear, as it can lead to accidents.

Some of the common causes of excessive and uneven wear to your tire are:

  • Improper tire pressure. Maintaining the proper tire pressure is vital to your safety. Failing to use the right pressure can also cause uneven and excessive wear to your tires. Check the recommended PSI for your tire at least once every week.
  • Humped roads. The majority of roads in Wisconsin have a slight hump in the middle. This hump can cause the side of the tire that is closest to the center of the road to wear much more quickly than the other side.
  • Wheel alignment. Although losing wheel alignment is usually associated with passenger vehicles, it can also occur in motorcycle wheels. Any type of riding that jars or knocks the rims and tires—such as fender-benders, potholes, or hitting a curb—can cause the wheels to become unaligned.
  • Improper loading. Loading the motorcycle with the weight unevenly distributed will cause the tires to wear in irregular patterns.

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